Saving your @ss!

Stay safe out there!

We love to learn new sports. New sports come with new adventures, new fun, new ways to spend time AND many times new bumps and bruises! This year we made huge strides with our kids and snowboarding. Snowboarding is one of my personal favorites, I have been riding since the early nineties, back in the day of workboots and painful plastic bindings. I remember the freedom that came with it, as a skater, I liked skiing, but I never LOVED it. After my first day on a snowboard, I never looked back. I also remember the sore knees and sore ass for weeks when I was learning how 200 years ago.

This year, while teaching my boys, we had a setback or two where they would get discouraged after getting hurt when they would fall on ice (we do live in the northeast). So... next trip to the mountain we strapped on some knee pads and BOOM! Problem solved! The boys went from green dots to blue squares in two trips and I am happy as hell to say they have adopted snowboarding as their favorite sport! Of course, the sport of the season is always their favorite...

Family timeMe and one of my boys as he conquers his first blue square trail!

Having the right safety gear (at the right price) can really enable you and your friends or family to get out there, learn new sports and avoid some of the most common pitfalls. Think about it, you wouldn't jump on your mountain bike and head for the trails nowadays without a helmet, right? Why not save your ass (literally) and your knees while increasing your odds of enjoying the new sport.

Here is some of our gear that will help you have more fun and less ouch!


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