Handmade leather axe sheath
Handmade leather axe sheath

Handmade Custom Leather Axe Sheath

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We are very excited about this one, we are now taking orders for handmade (by us!) leather sheaths for your trusty axe! The best part is your sheath will be one of a kind, made directly for your axe, custom fit and customized just for you.

Maybe you have an axe (or hatchet, tomahawk, whatever) you inherited from your grandpa but no sheath or case to protect it? We can help! 

Maybe you just don't love the stock sheath as much as you love your axe and you want to buy it something nice?

Want to integrate your firesteel? Done!

Want to add a strap for your belt loop? Done!

Need a way to attach to your pack? Done!

Just click order to get started or contact us and we will explain the process for creating your one-of-a-kind custom sheath.